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Perna's character sheet

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Perna's character sheet

Post by Perna on Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:01 pm

What is your bird's name? Perna

What is your age? (Bird and Human) Human - 14 IRL Bird - 7

What does your bird look like, physically? Detail please! Perna is a large phoenix, spanning about 10 feet from wingtip to wingtip. He has a gracefully curved neck. All of his feathers are red to orange hues, in addition to the fieriness, with him being a phoenix.

Give a detailed explanation of your bird's personality, including likes, dislikes, fears, and emotions! Perna is generally very solemn and non-talkative. One slight insult could set him off, as he is sensitive to some topics. However, if you know how to behave when you're around him, or he's around you, you'll find him to be a trustworthy and loyal companion/friend.

Likes: Being in the sky, being in his old home in Fareon, and having time to himself.

Dislikes: Large gatherings, talkative birds, bad weather, and being on land for too long.

Fears: Large bodies of water

State your bird's abilities and special traits here. Perna is a phoenix, so he is in a cycle of repeated birth and death. After spending much of his time in Fareon, before taking his place as one of the Guardians, he has learned the ways of harnessing the power of fire. Much like how the Aquafeathers manipulate water, he obtained the power to manipulate fire, which is a deadly skill, if uncontrolled.

Give a thorough, but not overly long, history of your bird. (How your bird was born, where he/she is from, highlights of lifetime so far) Perna was born in his home territory of Fareon. Sadly, his parents were killed in a battle within two years of his birth. He did not know he was a phoenix until he was around 5 years old. Up until then, he thought of himself as a regular Flamefeather. Having no brothers or sisters, Perna was forced to support himself. Through these tough years, he endured many challenges, including finding a home, taking care of himself at a young age, and defending himself. However, he became strong and self-sufficient as he fought through these challenges.

He attracted the interest of the Guardians, who watched him for a couple years. While observing Perna, the Guardians knew that there was something special about him that set him apart from the rest of the Flamewings. On Perna's 6th birthday, one of the eldest Guardians came down to Fareon and confronted Perna. He revealed the truth to him -- that he was a phoenix. The Guardians took Perna in without hesitation, and he has since been a loyal member of the Guardians of the Sky.

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